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love story after christmas by ksmile1313
Ulquihime Valentines day by Astranya
Breath me by CODEno-103
Happy Valentine's Day! by CODEno-103
Underwater by ElyonBlackStar
For Loving Me by TheCuriousFool
Merry Christmas 2016 by ElyonBlackStar
UlquiHime: Hades and Persephone 2016 by Elena-Barilli
Lacrymosa Lunarem Ch.3, Pg.  18 by KittyNocturna
Lacrymosa Lunarem Ch. 3, Pg. 19 by KittyNocturna
Lacrymosa Lunarem Ch. 3, Pg. 20 by KittyNocturna
Lacrymosa Lunarem Ch. 3, Pg. 17 by KittyNocturna
Orihime x Ulquiorra - On the edge of the sword by Asteria91
Orihime x Ulquiorra - In the palm of my hand by Asteria91
Orihime x Ulquiorra - Black and White by Asteria91
Orihime x Ulquiorra - Cosenza Comics by Asteria91
Espada Azul Celeste by zomgmeisinsane
Bleach - Orihime by pitchblack1994
Orihime - Jail by pitchblack1994
Hime Chan by Raybuggybug
Contest prize for vidrocity by Jeanette-Black
Ulquiorra Schiffer - resurrection by pitchblack1994
Ulquiorra Animation [Click for HQ] by Rukkochii
The Last Timeskip by Rukkochii
Lanza del relampago by Kuro-4
Stamp Orihime 2 by MiharuyYoite
Stamp UlquiHime 3 by MiharuyYoite
Stamp Orihime by MiharuyYoite
Stamp UlquiHime 2 by MiharuyYoite
Ulquihime Dump by CODEno-103
Ulquihime BJD by luleiya
UlquiHime Signature v.2 by MiharuyYoite
The Product Of Love ~ Bleach by JulianaJealousy
.: VICTORIAN SUNSET DREAM :. by chessyzelda


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- You have to be a fan of pairing Ulquiorra x Orihime. You don't have to create anything connected with this couple, but submitting fanarts, photos, fanfiction and other forms of art are most welcome.

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- Just click the button "Join our Group" and you will be accepted automatically.

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- The thing you want to submit has to be totally yours, that means you haven't steal it from anybody, you didn't color someone's lineart or manga panels (unless you got author's permission) and so on. The picture or text musn't be hentai (I guess you know what this means), but can contain some sexy stuff or mild nudity. Although you need to know that some members may have the mature filter turned on, so they could not see your art.

How to submit your work?
- Find "Contribute Deviation (or Art) anywhere in the Group's page, then choose the correct folder for submitting work, choose the thing you want to share and submit it. Your submission will be accepted automatically. If you want to use this fact and upload something that isn't yours, don't worry, I'm checking the gallery regular and if I will find something traced or stolen If will remove it. I you will do this aqain, thou shall be banned ;)

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Ulquiorra Cifer

Height: 169cm
Weight: 55kg
Birthdate: December 1st

Arrancar and 4th Espada in Aizen's army. Best noted for his melancholic appearance and two prominent tear streaks down his face. Elegant and aloof, Ulquiorra almost never shows any emotion whatsoever, but can be rather snide and condescending when speaking. Has a habit of referring to people as "trash". Unlike most arrancar, he does not like to indulge in violence and unnecessary killing. Is very likely a Vasto Lorde class.


Orihime Inoue

Height: 157cm
Weight: 45kg
Birthdate: September 3rd

One of the main protagonists. A cheerful, optimistic girl. Has a rather active imagination and comes off as a bit air-headed and clueless. Orihime in fact cares deeply for her friends and tries her best to help. But due to her lack of combat ability, she is always the one getting protected in the end. Her ability "Souten Kisshun", previously only seen as a healing technique, is in fact a power violating the realm of God.








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